Fort Knox Gun Safes
There are several reasons to buy a Fort Knox gun safe. It is important to understand NOT all safes are for everyone. There are hundreds if not thousands of safes available for a reason. Customers should find out what is most important to them and then discover the manufacturer that offers that best. While Fort Knox gun safes have a long list of reasons, the top reason to buy a Fort Knox gun safe is by far the available options and customization.

Customize your Security


Keep in mind that all Fort Knox safes are made in Orem, Utah. These gun safes are not imported from another country. Fort Knox is the only company that makes gun safes with a long list of customizable options. Every other manufacturer has a standard build for each of their model safes. In some cases the customer is given the option of color, lock type, and accessories. Fort Knox makes it easy and painless for customers to specify exactly how they want their safe built. 

Consider The Options


First Option: Interior arrangement. The Fort Knox difference here is in the quality and variety. Fort Knox has near 40 different interior arrangement options. There are 6 different safe sizes to choose from and almost all sizes have 8 different arrangements. Typically other manufacturers only offer 2 or 3 different arrangements.

Second Option: Exterior color/finish. Depending on the model of safe there are 14 different colors available. While color options are usually offered by other manufactures Fort Knox raises the bar in quality. Each of the glossy paint options are "Baked on Acrylic Urethane Metallic."

Third Option: Lock. Fort Knox takes this option to the next level. There are 4 different options here. Most manufacturers have a Mechanical, Electronic and Biometric lock option. Fort Knox offers a unique Redundant lock system.

Benefits of Electronic Locks:

  • Change your code easily and at any time
  • Faster to open the safe.

Benefits of Mechanical Locks:
  • Reliable 
  • Never have to replace batteries


The Redundant Lock System. This is a system that has both options in one!! Most users choose to use the electronic lock for daily use and the mechanical lock as a failsafe backup however either can be used at any time.

Fourth Option: Door Swing. Most if not all other gun safe manufacturers have the safe door hinges on the right, but with Fort Knox a customer can change that and have the hinges placed on the left side. This is a small but significant option if a customer is limited on safe placement.

Fifth Option: Safe Construction/Security. This is where Fort Knox really shines! Customers that had research gun safes and already have an idea what they are looking for usually get stumped when they discover these options. This is listed as 'Safe Construction/Security' because you can literally change the degree of security of your safe! While other manufacturers give the option of several different series or models of gun safes Fort Knox uses the 'series' as a guideline for customers to mix and match the steel. This can get a little complicated so I am going to keep it simple. Each series has it's own specification of steel thickness from the entry level Maverick to the  top end Legend.

  • Deluxe Package: If a customer is stuck between two different series they can add the Deluxe Package which will add thicker steel for the outside body of the safe and the door of the safe as well. 
  • Inner Steel Liner: For added security and maximum protection Fort Knox offers an option of additional 10 gauge steel plates (up to 4) to line the inner walls of the safe. 
  • Safe Body Upgrades: Similar to the Deluxe package a customer can choose to increase the steel thickness of the safe body. If the series safe has a 10 gauge body the customer can choose this upgrade to increase the steel to 3/16" or 1/4" steel. 
  • Stainless Steel: My favorite! This is where Fort Knox has yet again set the standard. The stainless steel package adds 10 gauge stainless steel to the outside body and door of the safe for optimum protection against a torch attach. This option is standard on the top of the line Legend series.
With all of the customization options it hard to imagine Fort Knox not fulfilling what's most important to most gun safe shoppers. There are more reasons to buy a Fort Knox gun safe beyond what was covered in this article but this covers the highlights. When shopping for a gun safe a customer should consider what is most important to them first. I hope this helps many decide. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at The Safe Place.
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