The Safe Place is a group of professionals involved in the field of home and commercial security specializing in providing a broad range of safes for all purposes at wholesale prices.  Consult The Safe Place when buying a safe, with over 30 years of experience in the safe and lock industry, you are guaranteed to leave with the product that meets the best quality/price ratio. The Safe Place is the largest safe superstore in Nevada featuring gun safes, wall safes, floor safes, jewelry safes, and more.  The Safe Place buys safes in large quanties, and always has several safes in stock.  The Safe Place has contracts with several shipping companies to negotiate the best possible shipping price for it's customers. is designed to easily calculate the best price for you in the leisure of your home.

The Safe Place is an official distributor of the best American safe brands: American Security Products Co. (AMSEC), Browning, Cannon Safe, Eclipse Safe Co., Fort Knox Security Products, Gun Vault, Liberty Safes, National Security, and V-line as well as other safe companies such as: Homak, Honeywell, Inkas, Original, Secure Logic, Sentry Safe Co,  Stack On, Winchester Gun Safes.

Safe product categories include, but are not limited to:

Gun Safes

There are 2 types of gun safes:  one referred to as a residential security container (RSC)  and safes that are NOT RSC. When a manufacturer builds a safe for an RSC rating some of the following has to be considered in the design process: the safe must have a steel body thickness of at least 3mm and a steel door thickness of at least 6mm, the safe has to have a built-in external re-locking device located on the outside of the safe lock box inside the safe and an internal re-locking device located inside the safe lock box to help prevent punching and the complete removal of the lock. Without these features the safe can be easily compromised and opened. Finally, the safe must have a United Laboratories (UL) listed lock. All safe locks that are UL listed  are capable of at least 10,000 combinations. This is important when looking to buy a safe. Be sure you choose the safe that matches your needs.

Jewelry Safes

Also known as jewelry safes, these safes have the highest rating of security and fire protection.  High security safes are typically used to store items of high value. As a commercial business when shopping for a high security safe it is important to know what your insurance company requires.  The entry level high security safe is rated TL-15, and the highest is rated TRTL 60x6.

Home Safes

Home safes are also commonly referred to as Office Safes are often placed in a residence with the intent to store items of moderate value, and size.  This includes personal jewelry, handguns, important documents, etc.  These safes range in size, weigh, and quality.

Wall Safes

Provide the element of disguise.  Most wall safes can be hidden behind a door or picture. We offer a wide range of wall safes ranging from inexpensive key operated to deep fire rated wall safes.

Floor Safes

Floor safes provide an outstanding degree of security.  When properly installed a floor safe is encased in concrete providing only one area of attack, the top.  Coupled with it's disguise ability a floor safe is the most secure safe in it's price range.

Depository Safes

Depository safes also known as drop safes or hopper safes are designed for business security.  Depository safes provide employers with security of knowing all employees can deposit, but only a select few can withdraw.

Vault Doors

Turn an entire room into a safe with a vault door.  Whether you are remodeling, planning an addition, or building a new home we can show you how to incorporate this idea into your plans.

Biometric Safes

Biometric comprises methods for uniquely recognizing physical human traits.  We sell safes that strictly utilize fingerprint technology.  This technology is available for a wide range of safe types.

Handgun Safes or Pistol Safes

Handgun safes sometimes better known, as pistol safes are small safes designed for storage of a small firearm.  These inexpensive safes are an easy solution to curious children.  Keep your pistol or handgun in close proximity to you, and keep it out of reach of children at the same time.  Choose from GunVault, Winchester eVaults, V-line comprehensive line of products, American Security, Stack-on, Homak, and the popular Fort Knox handgun safe.

Used Safes

Periodically we sell used safes.  Previously owned safes range from high security safes to home safes. Most of our safes listed as used are in fact new safes that either have scratches or dents. Check back often as these tend to come and go fast.

Safe Accessories

The Safe Place offers a wide range of safe accessories including dehumidifiers, gun socks (Sack-ups), pistol holders, interior cabinets, battery operated lights, pistol racks, and more.

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