Gun Sales Up, Violent Crime Down

The FBI recently published crime statistics for 2011. The statistics show a 4 percent decrease in 3 out of 5 violent crime categories while all 5 categories dropped.  The Midwest region of the United States experienced the largest decrease.  These statistics may be connected to the recent increase in gun ownership. According to Fox News gun sales have exploded. Property crimes such as larceny-theft and motor vehicle theft for 2011 dropped when compared to 2010. More so in cities with populations between 50,000 to 99,000.  Motor vehicle theft decreased in cities of all sizes.

With the burglary offenses of the country showing no improvement and gun ownership increasing, it is important for the individuals that are participating in the purchasing of firearms to ensure that they are secured in a gun safe. Violent crime rates stand a better chance of continuing to drop when Americans use their weapons responsibility.