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Weight: 531 lbs | Dimensions: 60.5"H x 26"W x 21"D | 45 Minutes @ 1200°F Fire Rating 

Fort Knox Maverick Series Gun Safe

The Fort Knox Maverick 6026 gun safe is the most affordable gun safe available from Fort Knox. The Maverick 6026 has an internal gun capacity of up to 18 guns with the collector configuration. Maverick series gun safes feature a 45 minute fire rating that is upgradable to 60 minutes. While this is the entry level model it does have a list of features worth considering.

​Certified Fire Protection

Inferno Shield Level 45

The Fort Knox Maverick series gun safes feature a Certified 45 minute 1200ºF fire protection that is upgradable to a Certified 60 minute 1200ºF fire protection. 




Dual Activated Thermal Door Seal

Fort Knox Gun Safe Door Seal

Locked, sealed and ready to block the worst that flames have to offer. All Fort Knox gun safes have a 2 step door seal to block cold and hot smoke from entering the safe in the event of a fire. The first outer seal blocks smoke from entering your safe before the safe gets hot. The second seal is a heat activated Palusol seal that swells to seal the door even tighter.



Reinforced Fire Door

Fort Knox gun safe doors are unlike any other gun safe door. The Maverick Series Fort Knox Reinorced Fire Door measures 1-1/8" thick. Starting from the interior is a solid 11 gauge steel plate then 1 layer of fire protective material, then the outer most layer is reinforced with an additional 10-gauge steel for added security.

Safe Construction

  • UL Listed
  • 1-1/8" Reinforced Fire Door. (11 gauge steel plate, 1 layers of fire protection, and 10 gauge outer steel reinforcement)
  • 11 gauge steel, Uni-body construction (1-1/2" total body thickness).
  • Durable texture finish
  • Quadrafold™ door frame with recessed door.
  • 9 total 1½" diameter active door locking bolts
  • FOIL mechanical back-up re-locking devices
  • Drill deflector bolt guard.
  • EasyGlide, concealed ball-bearing hinges
  • Drill stop hard plate with recessed multi-bearings
  • 5-Spoke Clutch Drive handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Remote Relocker.
  • Bolt Detent.
  • Made in the USA Made in the USA

Internal Arrangement

Choose from 5 different internal arrangements.

  • Universal Configuration - Includes 4 full shelves (no long guns)
  • Universal With Guns - 3 long guns
  • 1/2 Gun Rack - 8 long guns
  • All Gun Rack - 16 long guns
  • Collector Configuration - 18 long guns

Universal Configuration 1/2 Gun Interior All Gun Interior

Carpet Colors

Choose from 3 different internal carpet colors

Silver: Silver Carpet Beige: Beige Carpet Maroon: Maroon Carpet


Fort Knox Maverick Series

Extra fields
Bolt Diameter 1½"
Door Thickness 1-1/8" Reinforced Fire Door
Exterior Dimensions 60.5"H x 26"W x 21"D
Fire Rating 45 minutes at 1200°F
Handle 5 Spoke
Maximum Gun Capacity up to 18 Guns
Standard Lock S&G Group II Mechanical Lock
U.L. Listed Residential Security Container

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