Brand: American Security
Product Code: A-WEST2114-2012
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  • Heavy duty steel body, 3/16” solid steel door and flange. 
  • Extra spacious interior, while still offering the convenience of fitting between studs. 
  • DL5000 Electronic Touch-Screen Lock Featuring: 
  • A large 3 ¾" touch screen LCD input display allows smooth and easy operation. 
  • Mode altering display changes from orange in standby mode to bright blue in the open position. 
  • Accepts (2) user codes and can show open door records for the past 14 entries. 
  • LCD touch screen display shows low-battery indicator, time, date and keypad. 
  • Emergency key-lock override system with two (2) keys, power override battery box, built-in spy-proof function and motion detector alert. 
  • Dual live bolts ensure protection against pry attacks. 
  • Two removable shelves. 
  • Cream colored, durable powder coated finish. 
  • Packaged for UPS shipment.

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